Tuesday, 9 October 2012

12.30 & 14.00 Tue 11 Dec 2012 Collaboration, Tessy Britton, Lunchtime talk followed by a workshop

Tessy Britton
Tue 11th December 2012

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12.30-13.30 Lunchtime Talk
Tessy Britton presents an overview of her work on different types of collaboration

14.00-16.00 Workshop
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A practical workshop on the skills of collaboration. There will be opportunities to try different approaches and consider which might best suit an academic transdisciplinary environment. Refreshments will be provided.

Many colleagues are interested in transdisciplinary collaboration, but the barriers are high. Differences in disciplinary cultures and a history of institutional silos, not to mention shortage of time, are just some of the problems we face. And when you do start a collaboration, you may quickly discover that understanding each other is much harder than it seemed at first. These two sessions comprise a brief introduction to different kinds of collaboration followed by a hands-on workshop offering the chance to try out a range of methods and an invitation to consider which of them are most useful in an academic setting. You can attend either or both.

Tessy Britton is a social designer, researcher and educationalist who has worked for the past 8 years developing innovative methods for stimulating positive and collaborative approaches in wellbeing, citizen-led participation and co-production. With a life-long interest in research, knowledge and creativity Tessy’s work over the past 8 years has focused on applying innovative knowledge and ideas to new contexts. Understanding the underlying and interrelated factors which cause change within the human biological systems, between humans and within the wider organisational, community and social structures has been a key focus. Significant research projects have included: action research projects for her MA Education on cognition, emotion, wellbeing; the book Hand Made and through the research and development for Social Spaces. She was Chair of the new RSA Fellowship Council 2009/2010.

The TDC is based in the old surgery behind Fletcher building, No.36 on the Campus Map. Access is by staff card, or ring the doorbell.

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